ANUA BHA 2% Gentle Exfoliating Toner

A mildly exfoliating toner enriched with 2% BHA and 6 types of Ceramides to gently remove dirt, excess oil, and dead skin cells while protecting damaged skin barrier.


◇Helps with the clogged and enlarged pore problem and skin dullness.

◇Protects damaged skin barrier.

◇No fragrance was added, and skin irritation tested, suitable for sensitive skin.

Key ingredients:

◇2% BHA – Concentrated Salicylic Acid clears dirt and oil deep within the pores whilst shedding dead skin cells and extra layers of the skin.

◇6 types of Ceramides – Bond the upper layers of the skin together to protect damaged skin barrier.

◇Hyaluronic Acid + Panthenol – Keep the skin moist and hydrated. Doesn’t strip skin dry.

◇Tea Trees Extract – Quickly calms redness & soothes irritated skin.


How to use

1. Apply with your hands or a cotton pad and gently wipe across your face and neck.

2. Apply once every 2-3 days or adjust the usage period accordingly, depending on your skin’s response.

3. When used in the morning, remember to wear sun protection with SPF30 or more.

4. The toner can be used on other concerned areas of your body.


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