ANUA Green Lemon Vita C 20% Blemish Serum 20ml

The Anua Green Lemon Vita C 20% Blemish Serum is a highly concentrated brightening serum powered by pure Vitamin C (20% ascorbic acid) and 56% green lemon fruit extract.

Improving the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone, this concentrated serum features ferulic acid, vitamin E and vita-barrier capsules containing panthenol, glutathione and bisabolo. Anua’s specialised vita-barrier capsules help deliver vitamin c through skin barrier to maximise absorption and speed up results. Boosting skin radiance and improving skin texture, Anua’s Green Lemon Vita C serum will leave the complexion bright, radiant and clear while offering anti-ageing effects and reducing the appearance of wrinkles with frequent use.

After opening, this serum must be stored in a fridge (3-10°C). Due to the strength of this product, the Anua Green Lemon Vita C 20% Blemish Serum can also lighten freckles.

Say bye-bye to blemishes, acne scars, dull skin & hyperpigmentation and 🤗 Hello to gorgeous glowing skin, it’s time to make ANUA Green 🍋 Lemon Vita C Blemish Serum your new BFF.


☑Fade dark spots, sun spots & freckles

☑Brightens skin complexion

☑Evens out skin tone

☑Boosts collagen production

☑Reduces the appearance of fine lines &Wrinkles

☑Improves skin elasticity & firmness.

☑Enhances skin radiance

☑Soothes irritation





SKIN TYPE:💆🏽‍♀️All skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone skin.

SIZE: 🧴20ml

TEXTURE: 🫧 Slightly viscous texture


🍊Vitamin C 20%

🍋Lemon Fruit extract 56%

🧪Ferulic acid




✅Non sticky

✅Non Comedogenic



✅Cruelty-free 🐇



➡️At the serum stage, massage onto the skin and pat gently until fully absorbed.

➡️Follow with a moisturiser.

➡️Apply morning and evening.

➡️Once opened, store in the fridge (3-10°C).

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