Beauty of Joseon – Red Bean Water Gel

1,450.00 EGP

Beauty of Joseon – Red Bean Water Gel


Our brand’s first cream, ‘Dynasty Cream’, was created to provide rich moisture to the skin and help maintain an appropriate oil-water balance.

For the oily-skin customers, we have developed ‘Red Bean Water Gel.’

It has a light gel texture and is full of moisture while minimizing the oily feeling. Red bean extract and 3 types of peptides, key ingredients in this cream, work in concert to replenish moisture and help skin health.

– when skin moisture is insufficient, our skin secretes more sebum than usual to protect itself

– maintaining the oil-water balance of the skin itself is important for healthy skin

How To Use

– Apply proper amount of this cream on your face at the last stage of your skincare routine

– Pat with your fingers to aid absorption


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