íUNIK Centella Edition Set


Centella Calming Gel Cream 60ml

Tea Tree Relief Serum 15ml

🍃 A skincare set with products mainly formulated by Centella Asiatica and Tea Tree Extracts, which offers blemish care and excellent soothing effect to your skin.

Centella Calming Gel Cream 👇

☘️ A refreshing and moisturizing oil-free cream that makes the skin clearer and more vibrant.

☘️ Enriched with Centella Asiatica Leaf Water 70% and Tea tree Leaf Water 10%

☘️ Gently lowers skin’s temperature, effectively soothes and calms sensitive skin with blemishes.

☘️ Lightweight gel texture containing 6 kinds of sprout extracts fully moisturizes skin and helps relieve skin stress, creating clear, refreshed skin in a good condition.

How to use this cream

After applying toner, gently apply a moderate amount on facial area. Pat from the inner to outer skin texture for better absorption.

Tea Tree Relief Serum

☘️ Contains 67% Tea Tree Extract and 19.5% Centella Extract which help soothe sensitive skin, and alleviate skin traces for clear and clean skin tone.

☘️ Replenishes your skin with deep moisturizing effect and strengthens the skin barrier of dry skin.

☘️ Provides abundant moisture and nutrition to restore smooth, supple skin.

How to use this serum

After facial cleansing or using toner, apply a proper amount on your face and gently dap for absorption.




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