Naturium’s Melty Cleansing Balm Is My New Skincare Soulmate

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Even if they didn’t work (and believe me, they work), a cleansing balm would still find a way into my skincare routine every evening without fail. In a world of endless self-care possibilities, I’ve found the physical act of massaging my face with soothing balms and the oils as they melt is a profoundly grounding and relaxing one.

The fact that the balms sweep away buildup, dead cells, and old makeup is just a bonus. Or at least it was before I met my new skincare soulmate, Naturium’s new Purple Ginseng Cleansing Balm ($19). Really, it was love at first lather—or maybe it’s endearment at first emulsification. Either way, my skin has never felt softer, proof that this balm will become one of this winter’s must-have skincare products.