What is OLAPLEX No.0?

The latest addition to the range, OLAPLEX No.0 is used in combination with OLAPLEX No.3 to deliver a boost to OLAPLEX No.3. OLAPLEX No.0 should be used as a wonderful treatment primer for clients with compromised hair, caused by over frequent chemical processing or heat styling.

Think of OLAPLEX No.0 as an extra helping hand for creating and maintaining healthy looking hair. OLAPLEX No.0 allows the active patented OLAPLEX ingredient to work even more powerfully.When used together with OLAPLEX No.3, the two products combine to create impressive results delivering up to 68% more repair and 3x stronger hair.

BL2645_No-0-No-3_v1_16Oct_gmkoTglynDpGzfPThese products cannot be overused. With each application they allow damaged hair to become healthier as they actively work within the hair structure. Read more about the OLAPLEX salon system and the science behind it here. 

Why it works

What makes both OLAPLEX No.0 and OLAPLEX No.3 stand out is their incredible ability to maintain the process of hair repair at home after the client has received the initial salon treatment.

By offering your clients OLAPLEX No.0 and OLAPLEX No.3 for home use you will be providing a total in-salon/at home hair regime that will result in your clients enjoying stronger, healthy hair and makes the next visit to the salon an even more enjoyable event.

How to use OLAPLEX No.0 in combination with OLAPLEX No.3BL2649_v1_16Oct_gmQ8UlXftT4pdUC

1. Apply OLAPLEX No.0 when the hair is dry. Work in small sections to ensure each area is treated. The bottle has been designed with a tapered nozzle that clients can use to apply the formula with targeted precision and control. Hair should be damp with No.0 but not drenched or dripping.

2. OLAPLEX No.0 needs to be left in the hair for at least 10 minutes to allow maximum absorption. This allows OLAPLEX No.3 to be pulled deeper within the hair structure.

3. Layer OLAPLEX No.3 directly on top of the treatment primer for an additional 10 minutes to create an intensive at-home treatment. Rinse, shampoo & condition.

4. So that clients may enjoy the full OLAPLEX experience we recommend you offer OLAPLEX No.4 shampoo and OLAPLEX No.5 conditioner as a part of your salon’s retail offering.

Do make sure you tell your clients to read the instructions even though you will have told them how to use OLAPLEX correctly. Please do remind your clients that they should never leave product in their hair during sleep as there is a risk of irritation to the eyes and also, sleeping with wet hair can lead to hair breakages caused through friction when in contact with bed linen.