Shiseido Fino Premium Touch Essence Hair Mask 230g

1,550.00 EGP

Shiseido Fino Premium Touch Essence Hair Mask 230g

Shiseido Fino Premium Touch is a Japanese hair treatment mask featuring royal jelly, PCA, and lipidure that helps your damaged hair to regain its energy, strength, smoothness, and elasticity.

If you suffer with dry or damaged hair caused by harsh weather conditions, UV rays, or treatments such as coloring, highlights, or perms, the Fino hair mask by Shiseido can help to repair any damage caused leaving it feeling nourished and shiny.

The Fino mask repairs, strengthens, and smoothens the hair while giving it a glossy look that helps to retain the hair colour for longer.

Shiseido Fino Hair Mask reviews from our previous happy customers include comments about the amazing smell and softness they noticed after using it. The mask’s ingredients such as royal jelly helps to moisturize your hair, whilst the PCA works to strengthen it and lipidure has repairing qualities.

Product Benefits: Damage Control

Desired effect: The volume , Hair straightening , Damage restoration , Strengthening


* Apply the mask by massaging directly into the hair and after rinsing shampoo.

* Leave it for about 5 to 10 minutes. Then rinse off.

* Use 1-2 times a week.

You will achieve nourished and shiny hair with a luxurious feeling that smells amazing all day long.


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