SKIN 1004 – Madagascar Centella Travel Kit

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CLEANSERS TO FACIAL CREAM: This box has cleansing foam, cleansing oil, toner, ampoule and cream. You can take care of your skin A-to-Z with this very pouch.

CUTE AND MINI SIZE: 5 Skincare products from SKIN1004 come in a mini version. All of them are less than 1.01 fl.oz, allowing you to bring them on a plane. Take these little buddies wherever you go!

EXPERIENCE WHOLE SET OF CENTELLA ASIATICA: These 5 little minions are selected among Madagascar Centella Line. Refresh and soothe your skin with a miracle of Centella Asiatica extracted from Madagascar.

NO NEED FOR HASSLES: The day before travels, people are usually busy packing their stuff and surrounded by them. This box would lessen a burden from you by arranging small stuff in one pocket. Maybe, you could put a sheet mask or two in it, too!

★ Skin 1004 ★ Madagascar Centella Travel Kit /5items/

1. Centella Ampoule Foam / 20ml /

2. Centella Toning Toner / 30ml /

3. Centella Ampoule / 30ml /

4. Centella Soothing Cream / 30ml /

5. Centella Light Cleanse Oil / 30ml /


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