SKIN1004 Hyalu-CICA Sleeping Pack (100ml)

1,400.00 EGP

SKIN1004 Hyalu-CICA Sleeping Pack


True Moisture to Strengthen Skin with Hyalu-Cica

SKIN1004’s own ‘Hyalu-Cica Formula’ contains Centella Asiatica extract for calming sensitive skin and 3 hysluronic acids for strengthening skin barrier. The complex provides overflowing moisture to dry skin and helps form balanced water-oil ratio and bring hydrating sensation.

💦Repair the skin overnight

Nano-sized ceramide, smaller than skin pore, swiftly and deeply absorbs into the skin to provide powerful elasticity and strengthen skin barrier. Additionally, the ingredient prevents evaporation to form moist and supple skin.

💦Melatonin to aid deep sleep of the skin

Melatonin, a molecule secreted largely 10pm-3am in the golden hours of deep sleep to revitalize fatigued skin. Melatonin helps the skin to rest deeply and revitalize to form healthy and glowing skin.

Features & details

💧 DESIGNED FOR HYDRATION The formula contains a powerful blend of Hyaluronic Acid and Centella Asiatica for that deep hydration your skin will thank you for in the long run

😴 GET THE MOST RESTFUL SLEEP The Melatonin packed inside this hydrating moisturizer helps you achieve deep sleep so your skin can heal the damage from stressors with no interruption

💧 FORTIFY YOUR SKIN BARRIER Sleep soundly knowing your skin is protected from environmental damage through the powerful ceramide in the formula, which also helps lock moisture throughout the night

💧 ZERO GREASY FEEL The super lightweight water-gel formula helps you achieve your much-needed sleep without leaving your skin feeling sticky or greasy

💧 POWERFUL ANTI-AGING EFFECTS Revitalize lost moisture and prevent premature skin aging with this hydrating formula. It keeps your skin feeling supple, especially when it does most of the healing


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