SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Light Cleansing Oil

This is an all-in-one hypoallergenic cleanser designed to remove makeup and sebum.

Light cleansing oil does not cause irritation on the face, as well as inflammation of the eyes.

Doesn’t leave an oily film after washing.

Main Ingredients:

🌱Sunflower seed oil eliminates dryness and flaking

🌱Olive fruit oil contains antioxidants and vitamin E, due to which the process of cell regeneration is accelerated.

Jojoba seed oil creates a light protective layer on the surface of the skin, preventing moisture from evaporating and moisturizing it.

🌱 Bergamot fruit oil fights skin irritation and various rashes, normalizes the sebaceous glands

🌱 Pelargonium fragrant flower oil helps to cope with rashes and peeling

🌱Damask rose flower oil restores tissue turgor and elasticity, tones the skin.


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