T’else Kombucha Teatox Essence 150 ml

infused with antioxidants from Kombucha Extract and Probiotics that clarify, calm and nourish the skin.


Thanks to the clarifying and nourishing benefits of Kombucha, the Kombucha Teatox Essence improves the appearance of enlarged pores and overall skin texture. Your skin will look smoother, softer, and more radiant!


Dull and dehydrated skin no more! This gentle pH-balanced essence delivers lasting dewy moisture at the toner step. It’s also lightweight in texture yet gives a dewy finish for a supple complexion.


1-74% Kombuchaūüßč that rich in antioxidants and nutrients that clarify pores, prevent signs of aging, and deliver a healthy glow.

2-Triple Hyaluronic Acidsūüí¶ – Locks in and plumps skin with moisture in multiple layers of the skin to boost skin elasticity.

3-Probiotics -keeps the skin balanced and naturally protected from environmental toxins.

4-niacinamide- brighten skin complexion.‚ú®


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